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Win on AOE/COE Good Faith Personnel Action

This case involves a 16 year employee of Antelope Valley Community College who worked as a Network Manager. He filed a Cumulative Trauma claim ending on 04/11/2013 alleging psychiatric injury due to “conditions at work”. The problems with claimant were long standing but when a...
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CCMPT wins huge AB1309 Sports Filing Deadline Case

This case involved a former professional hockey player alleging a CT injury to multiple body parts. The case was filed with the WCAB on 9/16/2013 and served on all Defendants on the same date. Since this date came after implementation of the AB1309 amendments to Labor Cod...
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Firm Receives a Take Nothing

The matter was received in our office as a new referral on June 17, 2014 and involved a denied specific injury. The Applicant claimed to have injured his shoulder on 11/1/13 as a result of lifting a bag of flour. In addition to the shoulder the Applicant also claimed sleep...
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Firm Receives a Take Nothing on Stress Claim

Applicant Claimed injury to her Psyche on a cumulative trauma basis. The applicant was the supervisor over a department that wrote over $2 mil in loan guarantees that were later found to be fraudulent. The FBI investigated the fraud and the applicant was involved in attempting to...
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Firm prevails at trial in back surgery dispute using Labor Code Section 4610(g)(6)

This was an accepted low back injury. DRE II – 9% after apportionment to preexisting injury. AME retro P&S’s him last year when he was evaluated. Tried to settle but AA gets treating reports to request surgery. Double fusion is requested. UR denies it. IMR is requested....
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Roy Hilton v Atlanta Falcons – Arbitration Decision

Applicant filed his claim over 35 years after retiring from the NFL in 1976. In the Application for Adjudication, CIGA was named as a party-defendant to represent the interests of Mission Insurance Company on behalf of the Atlanta Falcons. CIGA subsequently denied liability, and...
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Firm Prevails at Trial Involving QME Specialty

In the matter of Hugo Cisneros the applicant filed a claim for specific injury to his low back while performing lifting activities at the insured, Bayview Vineyards Corporation. Applicant’s counsel submitted a request for QME panel list in the field of chiropractic...
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CCMPT scores Take Nothing decision on remand in football jurisdiction case

Ellis Wyms v Tampa Bay Buccaneers On June 2, 2014, Santa Ana WCJ Brennan found in favor of defendant Tampa Bay Buccaneers by declining to exercise jurisdiction over a cumulative injury claim filed by former player Mr. Ellis Wyms based on forum selection clauses contained in Mr....
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New Firm Name and UPDATED Contact Information

Peterson, Colantoni, Collins & Davis, LLP is excited to share with you our NEW FIRM NAME! Effective immediately we are: Colantoni, Collins, Marren, Phillips & Tulk, LLP As different as this may sound, not much has changed. As most of you know, Tim Peterson left the firm...
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