SB 1159 Training Session (zoom recording from previous training on 9-29-20)

Updated: 09/29/20

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COVID-19 WEBINAR 8-19-20 by Christian Colantoni and Adam Storm (Navigating COVID-19 from an Employer’s Perspective)

Updated: 08/21/20

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A CCMPT Status to Our Clients

Updated: 03/20/20

To Our Valued Clients:
We hope you are all well and staying safe.  

In light of our current situation relating to COVID-19, we wanted to confirm that we are 100% fully operational and 100% fully staffed in all offices. Each employee is working remotely as we have been paperless for several years.  We are also E-filers and regular users of Court Call. As such, each attorney and office has an account and we did not have to set anyone up to get our cases moved to the new system being implemented by the courts. As such, we are not experiencing any delays in that regard.

Please know that we are well ahead of this issue and we are incredibly blessed to be able to report that every staff person has the ability to work on their files as they have been and you should not experience any difference on our end.  Obviously, the limitations put on appearances by the courts will be complied with and the new hearings based on continuances that are issued by the courts will be conveyed to you as they occur. We are also hopeful that this may be a time to pursue some settlements that were close to occurring but were not entered into by AA’s over something de minimis.  The current uncertainty we are all facing is hardest on those who are without an active revenue stream and on smaller denied cases we will be reaching out to AA’s to see if there is more interest now than in the recent past.
To avoid any mail delay, we would like to temporarily request all communications and correspondence be emailed to us when possible.
We also wanted to share the following link as you may find it useful:

Please let us know if you need or want any further information. More importantly, please be well and know we are thinking of each of you.  

Michelle Devine, Client Relations ( and the entire team here at CCMPT